Turning Crap Into Lemonade

  The last few days I have been an emotional roller coaster. It really started yesterday...a combination of wanting to spend time with the boyfriend and being reminded how I can sometimes suck at my job. I felt so small yesterday, and today I am just scared.

  Today I went to my ankle doctor to go over my MRI results. Good news: It's no longer a coalition which means chances of surgery have slimmed dramatically. He is going to have the radiologist look at the MRI again just to be sure. What I do have is a bruised bone in my ankle, and there is a lot of stress around that area. In the future I will be getting a bone stimulator, and I have to be in the boot until God knows when. I should be pain free in 6-12 months. I cried...I wanted to complete the Chicago Marathon by my 30th birthday, but I don't even know if I can run at all. When I do heal, I will get shoe inserts to wear at all times. Patrick (my boyfriend) was there to make me smile...at least I will be pain free one day, right?

  I am scared more than anything...the doctor says I need to keep off my feet as much as possible, but I work a job that makes it impossible to do so. I want to do the best at my job, but I am afraid I won't...like physically. Mentally, I am all about trying to get things done...I guess this will be a nice challenge for me. It's time to really count on my team, train them for success, and follow up with every delegation.

  Patrick and I went shopping today. I refrained from clothing stores because I knew I would go and buy unnecessary outfits that I don't need. I did buy new shoes to work out in and shape ups by Sketchers. It feels a lot better than the Reebok Retones. The Sketchers are a lot like the boot I have to wear. It was a nice day with Patrick...every time I wanted to cry, he would make me smile. I am really lucky to have him in my life. He is such a blessing. He is the master of turning crap into lemonade.


  1. I hate those days. Nothing but bad news and wanting to cry. I'm glad you have someone to make you smile.


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