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Not losing any sleep, I've picked up every piece, and landed on my feet has been close to two weeks since the break up. Time has really flown by! I think I am doing a good job with keeping myself busy with my job as well as trying to better myself. I grieved the relationship for a good week, and it is now time to pick myself back on and move on.

It's been three days since my last cry. It's hard when I am talking about the why of the break up because of how I perceive it. I still get the heart punches now and then, but it's nothing I can't handle. I think little things will remind me of Patrick, and I will get little heart punches. I just won't let it bring me down.

I should disclaim for Patrick's sake, that I was his first serious girlfriend. I have a thing of having a dating history of guys who have never been in a real relationship. Lucky for them, what has been the case for my exes is the next girl they have met has ended up being who they married. Unlucky for me, I am left brokenhearted and still single. Anyways, my p…