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Bruised but Not Broken

I am ready for April to be over to be honest. Only three days of this month is left, and I am so excited for May to be here. Not only have I been hurt, but friends & family that I love and care about have been hurting. I hate seeing those I love cry or feel heartbreak. I just hope May brings a lot more sunshine in our lives.
  The boy who made me smile a few months ago, managed to make me cry. I think I am more mad at myself for allowing him to hurt me or think that he was a decent guy. He proved to me otherwise. The one thing I really don't like is being lied to or being fed BS to avoid hurting me. When he decided not to pursue a relationship with me, he kept saying how he likes me and it's just his job. How this decision was really hard for him but he didn't want us to fail and burn bridges with me if there was a chance for us in the future. We talked off and on afterwards, but not as much. I don't hear from him for a couple weeks, and I decide maybe it's j…

Someday Soon, I'll Find You. Someday Soon, I'll Know You.

It's been almost three months since my latest entry. Believe it or not a lot has happened! I took a two month leave from Facebook. I felt myself going back to the dark feelings of jealousy and resentment. I LOVE seeing updates from people who I've known for years. We're all at that age where people are getting married, having kids, getting engaged, etc. Then, there is me...30 and single with zero dates since Patrick and I broke up. Hell, I haven't even been asked out on an actual date. It kind of kills the confidence. So, I needed a break to really focus on me. A lot of good came of it especially with my health. I even got to feel butterflies again, smile, and blush like a little school girl.

First, let's start with my health. I started back up on Weight Watchers, and I got into a routine of working out. So far, it has really paid off. I have lost 34.8 pounds, I am looking good, I am feeling good, and it's just an all around good feeling. My ankle isn't hur…