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How Did I Read the Stars so Wrong?

Day 2: Don't worry, I am not going to blog each day after this break up. I feel this may be my therapy for awhile so I don't feel like I am repeating myself to every person. I hate breaking down in front of people. I know it's okay too, but I just hate it. I am all smiles, but so far, I am all tears.

I know this break up has come to be a surprise for a lot of my friends and family. Patrick and I rarely fought, we always seemed happy, and I thought this was going to be forever. So what happened? I am sure that when he was telling me how he wasn't happy with me Monday night, I was listening with angry and heartbroken ears. He was ready to start his life, and he felt I was emotionally ready, but everywhere else I wasn't. He didn't want to marry me until I had my college degree which could be five years until that happened...he didn't want to wait that long. Our work schedules never went together, and he doesn't want to be Mr. Mom when we have kids. The way…