Bruised but Not Broken

  I am ready for April to be over to be honest. Only three days of this month is left, and I am so excited for May to be here. Not only have I been hurt, but friends & family that I love and care about have been hurting. I hate seeing those I love cry or feel heartbreak. I just hope May brings a lot more sunshine in our lives.
  The boy who made me smile a few months ago, managed to make me cry. I think I am more mad at myself for allowing him to hurt me or think that he was a decent guy. He proved to me otherwise. The one thing I really don't like is being lied to or being fed BS to avoid hurting me. When he decided not to pursue a relationship with me, he kept saying how he likes me and it's just his job. How this decision was really hard for him but he didn't want us to fail and burn bridges with me if there was a chance for us in the future. We talked off and on afterwards, but not as much. I don't hear from him for a couple weeks, and I decide maybe it's just time to let go. Of course the day after I decide that I hear from him briefly. The day after that, I find he is with another girl. He doesn't have the decency to tell me. I was hurt, but mainly furious. I was used, led on, lied to, and feeling the way I was afraid I was going to feel if I opened up to someone. Those bridges have burned to ashes as a friend or any other relationship. I plan to never speak to him again.
  Friday night I was in my first car accident ever. I was on my way to meet my friend Megan at Sweet Cece's. I was coming straight from Mayfield. I was crossing an intersection where my light was green, and a van ran a red light and t-boned me on the passenger side. My car spun, and hit head on with the guard rail. Now, this intersection is an overpass, and my car hit the guard rail going maybe 10-15 mph. All I remember is screaming, trying to brake with no luck, and praying to God that the guardrail would hold. If it didn't, I would've gone off the edge, onto another highway, and not have made it. I was a hot mess. My glasses had flown off, I lost a shoe, and I was just scared out of my mind. I called Megan in a panic to let her know what happened, she came to help me. A car stopped to help find my glasses and tried to keep me calm. The other people were okay. Megan took me to the ER, and by then I was calm trying to laugh and not be a mess. I have chest contusions, really bad bruising, a little burn rash from the seat belt, and random bumps and bruises on my legs and arms. I will take this over being dead. My car is in bad shape. I honestly don't know if they will consider it totaled or not. Tomorrow I get a rental until my car situation gets figured out. I am hoping this doesn't delay my moving plans.
  I went to LaPorte for a day to drop off a car load of my things and meet with the manager at the Family Video so we can get to know each other. I didn't get to see many people, but fear not! Only 12 more days (I hope!) and then I am home! Let's party :)


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