Sometimes When You Know, You Know. Ya Know?

  I tend to take a few months hiatus between posts which is pointless with a blog. I'm supposed to update once a week or something like that, right? Ah well, it's better to leave a few months in between for me because if I wrote an entry once a week, I don't know if I would have much to say! However, this time around, I have some catching up to do (unless you're a friend of mine on Facebook...then you probably are caught up for the most part!)
  So, let's see...ah yes, my dating life that I "put on hold" was my last topic of discussion. I was seeing someone, but it didn't work out. I decided to put myself back on and Plenty Of Fish just to put myself out there. I wouldn't make an effort to contact someone, but if a guy contacted me that I'd be interested in, then I would respond. Great plan, right? Unfortunately, Plenty Of Fish offered mostly creepers. I went on a couple of dates that didn't become anything. Again, I was okay by that, but I started to feel frustrated. Then, Ricky came along...and I have been all smiles ever since.
  Ricky and I met via We started exchanging e-mails, and chatted every day. We hit it off very well, and a week after we started talking, we had our first date. I was super excited and nervous, and to start it off I was 10 minutes late. I told him I was just keeping in suspense (ha!) but he was forgiving. He brought me flowers (was the first guy to bring me flowers on the first date!) I could tell we were both nervous...I wouldn't shut up and he just listened. The original agenda was to go to dinner, then to a Silverhawks game. However, his car had a different plan for us! We were going to ride together, but his car wouldn't start. First we thought it was low on gas, got some gas in the car, and it still wouldn't start. He kept his cool, eventually fixed the problem, but it was too late to get to the game. So, plan B was bowling and a movie. We had a lot of fun, but I am horrible at reading people, and I honestly wasn't sure if Ricky liked me. I was starting to feel super nervous because I really liked him.
  After bowling, I asked Ricky to take a picture with me to remember our first date (although how could I forget!) Afterwards he kissed me, and that was it for me. I felt at ease knowing that he liked me too, and I was able to enjoy the rest of our date even more. I honestly didn't want the night to end, but it had to. I was on cloud 9, and honestly have been ever since.  
  It's already been a month, and I have been spending a lot of time with him and he is simply amazing. We have met each other's families. I love his family! We have had lunch with my family, dinner with Carrie & Dan, and we always seem to have a good time. Of course meeting the family can be nerve-wrecking, but after the first meeting, I feel comfortable and at home around them. They are so loving and supportive. This past Sunday I went to his church, and it reminds me a lot of Brentwood Baptist which was the church in Tennessee I loved so much. I had yet to find anything like it or a church where I felt the way I did at Brentwood.
  A lot of people get "comfortable" when they meet their person. In my history of dating I did that a lot. I would not take care of myself like I used to. Looking back at pictures when I was with Patrick, I let myself go until the very end of our relationship. I had my moments where I would lose weight, but with Patrick it was because he would threaten to leave me if I didn't change not because I WANTED to make those changes. I have been on my journey to a healthier me since January and although I haven't been as on track with my eating & working out, I have not let myself go. Ricky makes me WANT to continue to be healthy and be a better person. He doesn't make me feel like I have to because he accepts me for who I am now. What an awesome feeling this is! There are a lot of firsts for me so far, and the way I feel is a first.
  In other news, I found out the other day that I will be the new manager at the LaPorte Family Video starting October 1st. The current manager will be moving to Texas to be closer to her family, and she will be transferring to a Family Video there. I am really excited for this opportunity because I learned so much during my time in the south, and I can really be the manager I am supposed to be. I am in such a better place than I was a year ago mentally and physically. I have a better support system, I know my customers, and I honestly feel at home and as if I belong. I really feel a lot of good things are about to unfold or will continue to unfold, and I am just so thankful for it.
  Another cool note, I just read on Facebook that Restaurant Impossible is coming to LaPorte! They are going to work on a restaurant called Seven. I am anxious to see how it turns out. I used to work there when it was Reed's, and I know the owner after that didn't do well. Obviously, Seven is having some trouble, but Chef Robert Irvine is amazing! If the decor is still the same or similar it can definitely use a nice makeover. It will be nice publicity if all goes well. Yay LaPorte!
  Football season is here, and I am loving it! I am actually participating in my fantasy football league this year, and man! I suck so far! I am 10th out of 12, but hopefully I can catch back up this week. We'll see if my risky moves in my roster pay off.
 Until next time, friends! Go Irish, Go Bears, & Roll Tide!


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