God Causes All Things To Work Together For Good

  To say that God works in mysterious ways is an understatement. My recent struggles in my life have been why God has allowed certain things happen (heartbreak, car accident, Bruizer, rejection, etc.) When I look for a shoulder to lean in, I am told, "All things will work itself out and this hurt will one day make sense." Honestly, I have wanted to just punch a wall every time I heard this. Of course, I was angry and felt like I was being tested in my faith, sanity, and how strong my heart really was. Today, things are starting to make sense. My sister Carrie is right...God was just protecting me.
  Let's start with the heartbreak. From previous blogs, I have mentioned a guy that I talked to, we got together, hit it off, and then he threw me what I now call his "sales pitch" as to why a relationship wouldn't be a good idea. I say sales pitch because that is what he does for a living. A few weeks, he suddenly has a girlfriend he is crazy about. I was furious, hurt, and felt used. I haven't spoken to him, removed his # out of my phone and Facebook. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. My good friend visits from out of town, and she is still Facebook friends with this guy. She asks, "Have you heard the craziness that has gone on with him and his girlfriend?" Turns out, they were on again, off again, and on again. While they were on again, this girl gets a tattoo down her ribcage with his name on it! It's huge!! A week or so later he dumps her. What the hell, right? This is the crazy God was protecting me from. His impulsive behavior and cannot make up his mind with what he wants, his yo yo relationship, and the fact that he let this girl get a huge tattoo with his name on it (the second one who has done this by the way) just to dump her a week or so later. So, last Wednesday, guess who I get a text from? That's right...this idiot! He was seeing how I was since it's been so long since we've talked. Um, yeah there is a reason for that. I never responded and I have no intention to. I deserve better than this.
  To ignore the text was a big step for me. I am a forgiving person...too forgiving to be honest. I felt like a champ to not respond to the text. However, I had another distraction which I feel God placed in my life so I wouldn't go back. In my last blog, I mentioned how I am putting dating on hold, and I had cancelled my Match.com subscription. I still had a couple weeks left for guys to message me, and this one guy did. We've been talking for a few weeks, and we just had our first date Saturday. It went really well, and I had a great time. Whether or not this turns into something, I think he was in my life at the perfect time. It's nice to have a good distraction.
  A couple weeks ago, my mom was in a bad car accident. She got t-boned on the driver side by a van who flew over a hill at an intersection. She was driving my step-dad's truck, and if she was driving her car, she wouldn't be here. By chance she was driving the truck because she was supposed to pick up mattresses for my nephews. She was hurt pretty bad, and she is still recovering. It will be a long process, but she has me and my step-dad to help around the house. "Thank God Ashley is there." is the most common phrase used. Who knew that I would be needed as well with this move! Oh wait, God did! 
 In other news, the insurance rep for the guy who hit me came by my work to pick up some paperwork regarding my injuries. He offered me a settlement amount. It's not the amount I was hoping for, and I don't intend to accept. If anyone has advice for this matter, please feel free to leave it! I don't want to be greedy by any means, but I don't want to screw myself over by settling then having something come up later. 
 My journey to a healthier me is still going strong. Each day I feel better about myself, and I am starting to see a difference in my ankle a little bit. I still am in pain, but it's not as intense and recovery time is shorter. I am so close to 50 pounds down! I am hoping this week is my week!
 I hope all of you awesome readers are doing well and have a great week!


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