Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 is here, and I honestly am so excited about the new year! I feel there are going to be a lot of changes in my life, and I am ready to embrace them.

For starters, and my friend Megan will be so proud of me, I got on my Facebook, and I deleted anything associated with Patrick. The best part, I didn't shed one tear. It's time to really let go. I heard from his parents over Christmas. They sent me a card with a really sweet letter wishing me the best & letting me know that they were thinking of me, especially since both of our football teams are playing in the championship game. I held onto that letter until yesterday, when I decided to throw it away. Its time to officially move on from this. It's been seven months, he has moved on, and now, I can say that I am.

Next, I am going to go gazelle with my money. My plan is to have ankle surgery when I move in September, which means I will be out of work for at least 6-8 weeks. That means, no income during that time so it's time to pay ahead on bills and save that money! Therefore, I am on the hunt for a part time day shift job so I can get my money matters straightened. Hopefully a desk job, so that way I can sit and not kill my ankle.

I want to speak my mind more. I don't do that enough. I may feel a lot less stressed out if I do that. I'm not talking about in a bad way either, but like if I'm interested in a guy, I want to have that insane courage to kiss him goodnight on a date or let him know I like him.

Of course, there is my health/weight loss. How about I just update my progress, and you guys can keep encouraging me? Deal?

Happy New Year, everyone!

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