Home is Where the Heart is...For a Little While

  I have been visiting my family and friends in LaPorte since this past Monday. It has been wonderful catching up with them since most of them I haven't seen since May '11. I still feel 7 days is not enough time for a visit since there are still so many people I have yet to see. If you are one of those people, I am so sorry. I will be back in November for Thanksgiving (hopefully) and who knows, maybe my next move will be closer to LaPorte.
  Aside from my nice vacation, I have kept busy with work. I started training another MIT, which I am very excited about. Wednesday we will be organizing and cleaning the store, which will help me tremendously so I can concentrate on training the staff. I am enjoying my time off now because I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have two new hires starting this month, and will be looking to hire a few more.
  At the end of August, I will be moving. Where? I have no idea right now. It honestly can be anywhere. My Regional Manager asked me if I had any restrictions of where to go, and I told him no. I could honestly use the fresh start. Then, as I spent more time here, I realized how much I miss my family and friends. That made me wonder if there was room at the LaPorte store for me. On the flip side, I get reminded why I moved in the first place.
  I have a problem of being too open with my heart. I know, it's been a little over a month since Patrick and I broke up, and sure I am still healing, but that doesn't mean if someone doesn't come into my life I am going to immediately push it away. Well, now maybe I might...because each time it seems that I just get hurt and pissed off at the end. I'm sick of feeling as if something is wrong with me when I know that is not the case.
  I have learned even more about myself when it comes to what I look for in a guy. My dating history has been me as the guy's first girlfriend. Like I have molded them to find what they want in their next girl. I'm so over that. I want a guy who has dated before, who likes sports as much as I do, outgoing, can make me laugh, is family oriented, and I'm sure I will think of more later down the line. Right now I am in the mindset that all men are assholes. Just in my world. I know us girls can be crazy, and I am not saying every man out there is...just in my world right now. I will continue to think that until someone can prove me wrong.


  1. We truly DO have to kiss a lot of frogs before we find a prince, and each one is teaching us better what we need in a relationship, but it IS disheartening. I get so hurt each time because I am so cautious, and then when I actually open up, things go downhill.

    I've found timing to be super important. The timing has to be right for both parties. I'm going to be a bitch and push guys away for a long time (they respect and like that better, anyways, I've found O_o), but when I'm ready, I'm going for an older, more mature man, darnit. One who is READY. For me. And my awesomeness. And you should too! Gotta pity the boys who miss out on us! ;-) You're a gem!

    And.... I think when you come up to visit, we must take a trip into Chicago for an all-male revue. I have always wanted to have a girls' night out at one! We'll get dances for our birthdays, of course, and invite all the girls we know. It will be a blast! :D I'll look into it!

    Keep on keeping on, Girly! <3


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