Time for a Detox!

  It has been a while since I have blogged. It was a mixture of being busy with work and being lazy while I was home. When I was done working, I wanted to end the night by doing absolutely nothing, so I did. Now I am wrapping up my third and final day off until Thursday. I figured, it's time to be more productive!
  My weight loss adventure has been up and down. I'd be lying if I said I was tracking EVERYTHING I ate or that I was 100% good. I wasn't. It's been two weeks since I have worked out, and it sucks. I don't get as much of a work out at work because I have to sit whenever I am not showing a customer where a movie is or showing them around the store. All in all, I am stuck in a rut. Therefore, starting tomorrow I am doing Phase 1 of the Fat Smashers Diet which is a nine day long detox. It consists of eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables as I want, drinking all the water I can, limited oatmeal, brown rice, yogurt, egg whites, etc. I did it before a few years back, and I felt really good afterwards. The first few days are the most difficult because I cannot have coffee, but I can have tea. It's cleansing, healthy, and it helps me get back in the habit of eating well. Not to mention, lent begins Wednesday, and Patrick & I have decided to give up soda and candy. This will be a great start!
  My IPod Nano got an accidental wash in the laundry on Friday. It worked for a little bit, then fizzed out. Being upset at myself was an understatement. Fortunately, Patrick has an extra IPod he is going to give to me so that I may have music to work out to. He's so good to me! Time for me to add IPod touch to my wish list!
 Wish me luck these next nine days! I am excited to the results and also how good I will feel. Til then, have a great week!


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